Thursday, October 19, 2017


October 19, 2017

My family and friends have oftentimes asked me why I choose to come back to Haiti. For the past two days, I have been continually reminded with each step I take, whether it be those living in Cite Soleil, (the poorest of the poor), at the home for the sick and dying babies or an orphanage for severely handicap children…I choose to come back to see the light of God shining through each and every one of their faces, and to witness His love through each one of my team members who very quickly become a new family. I come back to Haiti because I Love God.
At 6am mass this morning, Father said:
Sometimes we are the people pleading for Gods help.
Sometimes we are the people whom God uses to respond to the needs of others who are pleading for Gods help.

Here’s to another day’s journey!

Kathy Hartzell


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