Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Our first day of Serving

October 17, 2017

Our team started the morning with mass in the upstairs veranda with members from Healing Haiti and Father Talbot.  The dogs joined us!!!!

Our team visited Terre Promise School.  The children were not there because it is a holiday but we got a tour of the school rooms and kitchen.  Riser Relief was able to give rice, beans, oil and sardines (13 bags at 50lbs) for school lunches.  The school was also given money for additional supplements to add to the lunch options.    

We headed to the water truck filling station and watched the trucked get filled.  Our first water spot was busy and children gathered for hugs, holding   and play.  Some members enjoyed sitting and allowing the children to play and explore their hair do.  We filled buckets, pails, gas cans, and whatever was available as a container.  We helped carry them to their homes or get them onto their heads.  The young girls are extremely strong and it is amazing to watch them balance and move with the weight of the water.    The second stop was much more relaxed and people lined up with less desperation.  The children were joyful, even in the 95 degree weather and feeling like 105, and some young boys took “showers” as they waited for their friends or family.  The girls enjoyed playing sing song hand games and singing songs such as “days of the week” and singing sweet chants in our youngest team members ears.  We made a third stop, close to the ocean, in a crowded street.  There were motorcycles and carts and some disagreements about who were in line first.  Maxime kept us orderly and moving.  

We walked out to the ocean with children and saw people fishing, possible catching some sort of sardine.  A shipment of charcoal was on the dock as well as bricks that looked like they were being deported.  Our team took picture with the help of Jacob, who joined us from a local orphanage transitional program. 

After returning to the Guest House we quickly decided to take in a cool break in the local pool with adult refreshment.  After some socializing and relaxing we enjoyed a good meal, shared devotions and Father Talbot’s Faith Story.  Ask him to share with YOU.  It was a hot and rewarding day.    

Kari and Mary P`        


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