Monday, January 7, 2013

We arrived!

We arrived!  How exciting it was for our group to walk through the airports sporting our new REISER RELIEF tee shirts! 

It is such a difference coming to Haiti for the second time.  The chaos at the airport seemed ordinary.  Driving in our tap-tap from the airport to the guesthouse, the streets were lined with adults and children just as they were on my May visit.  But this time, instead of feeling uncertain about smiling and waving at them, it was almost as though I knew them.  I found myself looking for faces I might recognize.   I felt so much more connected to Haiti. 

But just as last time, I’m in the country that stopped our founder, Father Reiser, in his tracks.  The country that broke his heart as he witnessed the daily suffering of the Haitian people.  The country that he could not forget even after he got back home.   And the country that, despite its desperate poverty, is so filled with the love of God. 

So that is the reason I’m here.  With my wonderful mission group with me, we are committed to carrying on Father’s dream of improving the lives of these people as he would have wanted us to do.  And that is also why, in his name, on the back of the new tee shirts we wearing during this trip, we also proclaim the words of his favorite song, “Ala ou gran!”  (“How great thou art!).

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